Multiculturalism – Is it as good for our country as we think it is?

I have decided to write this post in light of recent events that unfolded in Woolwich and the murder of British soldier Lee Rigby. I have for a long time been opposed to the full scale multiculturalism that we have adopted in this country as I have stated in my previous posts, I think personally that it harms our economy and is not good for the grand scale of things in this country. Why people see this as being racist I have no idea? I don’t hate these cultures, I just don’t see the place they have in our society, these people we willingly let into our country have an obligation to learn the language, our customs and our way of life and do their best to adapt and to apply it in every day life. Quite frankly if they denounce the way we live and believe that the way they live their lives is superior and that we should adopt their traditions and laws, then they should be shown the door. I would expect the same for any English people that immigrate to live abroad, so why is it frowned upon for people that come to our country? Due to the delicate topic of Islam and Muslims, i’m going to choose my words very careful as to not offend anyone, so if you get offended by what I write in the final edition of this post then you are misunderstanding what i’am saying. I will clear it up now that normal(being the important word) Muslims are good people and pose no threat to the British people. It’s the extremists i’ve got beef with.

The one thing that I don’t understand with these radical extremists (not regular Muslims) is that if they hate the western world and culture so much, then why are they here and living in it? Why don’t they go back to their native land and live under the laws that they believe in? Why do they condemn the way we live our lives, the way we have ALWAYS lived our lives in our country before they were here? I can understand Indian’s and Pakistani people being in this country as we were the ruling sovereignty in their countries for many years, I have no beef with them, same with the Gurkha’s who have actually fought for this country and contributed to our society and are loyal to our Queen.  However, we need to draw the line somewhere. Which is why I feel so strongly about our border controls, we should have a system more like Australia. You need £3000 in your bank account so that you don’t run out of money and end up on benefits straight away and can support yourself and no criminal record. Neither should you have links to any extremist groups in ANY way shape or form and if found to have links whilst in this country, instant deportation. Scrap ECHR and the whole ‘i’m scared to go back to my country’ if there’s a chance we can stamp out extremism in this country then we should take it. All that should matter are the British people that lived here first and their liberties and freedom, not an immigrant who wasn’t born here and has no right to claim they should stay here.

The other thing that got me about these murderer’s in woolwich is what they said? ‘we will never stop fighting you’ well why aren’t they out in Afghanistan fighting the army out there? ‘you will never be safe’ I thought their war was with the British Armed Forces, not the British public? Quite clearly brainwashed by a radical cleric as they quite clearly haven’t thought it through properly and is quite obvious they were driving around in their car for some time before finally spotting a target, and after murdering the soldier waited to become martyr’s to their cause by trying to commit suicide by police, luckily the police showed restraint and only shot to wound.

My only question being, if we know we have extremists in this country, why do we do nothing about it and then complain when something like this happens? We need serious change in this country and we are not going to achieve it with the two main political parties as they are too ‘politically correct’ and worry about offending people too much. We need harsh measures to deal with harsh individuals, I re-iterate that we need to pull out of Europe and scrap the ECHR that dictates that we can’t deport these disgusting people. Look how long it is taking to get rid of Abu Qatada for example? Call me racist, call me what you want, but if you really want to see a change in this country and the war on terror then it is your duty to stand up for what is right and speak your voice! Not try and argue with each other, we need to stand together against this threat which is no longer just an outside interference, this is rooted into our society and we need to root it out. It’s as though these extremists are stuck in The Crusades.

It just seems weird to me that out of all the religions, Islam is the only one that seems to wage war with the rest of the world? There must be something in that Qur’an that can be misinterpreted? For example, you don’t see Christian extremists in a Muslim country saying ‘we need to wipe out eastern culture and their despicable way of life’ you know why? First of all it just wouldn’t happen because it’s fucking ridiculous and second of all they would probably be kicked out of the country maybe even sent to jail in that country? No one would bat an eyelid and I think that is wrong.

I’m not in any way opposed to different cultures to be brought to this country and for us to enjoy them, I just don’t believe in the sheer volume of people coming in, it’s good to have different cultures in our country to get views from every walk of life and I understand there are going to be conflicting opinions and views much like there are amongst our own people, we just need to find where to draw the line that is the point i’m trying to make.

British people in Britain come first. End of.

My condolences to Lee Rigby’s family and friends.

7 thoughts on “Multiculturalism – Is it as good for our country as we think it is?

  1. Speaking as an American, I wholeheartedly agree with you. While multiculturalism is something that should be allowed, it should never be allowed to supersede the culture already in place. The United States is, forgive me, a more long-standing cultural melting pot than Britain. Before you go off on a rant, though, allow me to qualify this: This country was founded by men who bled to break away from tyranny and supremacy. That said, it’s in our constitution that all cultures should be allowed their chance and all religions have a place. But I don’t believe that foreign cultures should be allowed through our doors and allowed to replace the culture that we have here. And we have the same issue with radical extremists that you do. Unfortunately, our law is written to provide a strong defense to any caught in our legal system. I believe your laws have similar provisions and that means that you probably need an overwhelming amount of evidence to deport extremists. We have a hard enough time just getting them to jail, let alone deportation.

    Well, that seems to have meandered quite away from my point. I guess the point of this actually is that you aren’t alone but the legal system is probably too convoluted to get your way. I wish it were simpler, my friend.

    1. I understand that, your country was built on immigration. We didn’t have widespread immigration until the 1950’s and even then that was only members of the afro-caribbean community. I won’t go off on a rant, I’m completely up for a rationalised conversation my good man! There’s your trump card right there, you have a written entrenched constitution where it is a lot easier to get them locked up. But that is not where we want them, why should taxpayers pay to have them in our country, there should be an automatic deportation clause but there’s not, hey ho!

  2. Atreyu Crimmins

    Beautifully said. Multiculturalism is the greatest socio-political ruse since the advent of communism. It simply DOES NOT WORK. London is the quintessential example of that. I’m too numb to launch into an expansive commentary but it would appear that we have the same views, here. Great Britain is great no more; we have fallen prey to the politically correct apologist brigade who are robbing us of our heritage and patriotism. And the saddest thing is, that what I have just written will no doubt be interpreted as right-wing and racist, when actually I’m just your average, rational Left-prone voter.

  3. When you say British people come first, what type of British do you mean? Just plain British? Or all kinds of British (e.g. British,Black British, Asian British)?
    I think most people actually have a problem with immigration rather than multiculture.

    1. Don’t Black and Asian British count as plain British? I don’t have a problem with the people that are born here they are entitled to just as much as me, however we are full up and our system can’t sustain any more people and it’s ludicrous to think otherwise, stretched NHS & schools and not enough houses/flats to go around, we need to start thinking about our own problems before we mess around with other people’s countries! Just saying.

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