Big Election Push

So it’s the eve of the General Election and i’m at a stage of anti-climax as even though I know there will be no overall majority, there will still be no change to our flawed and failing system. I think the most crucial thing is that as many people as possible actually do vote. Much as I sympathise with Russell Brand and his Apathetic following, he is just as bad as the people he campaigns against. For example, when pushed about it and asked “why don’t you run for parliament?” all he could come up with was “i’m scared i’ll turn into one of you lot”. Which is so wishy-washy and liberal it hurt me to see him come out with it. That is where I started losing respect and admiration for him and his ’cause’. I think people have forgotten that if you want real change then you have to stand up and fight for it and actually take a stand, not sell out and say i’ll leave it for someone else. By doing so you give in your only power, which is to hold the government accountable with the power of voting. Now people look down on it in the “it’s just one vote and won’t count anyway” style of thinking, which is the wrong way to think about it. If Russell Brand was actually clever about it, he could go “i’ve got 8 million followers, i’m leading this apathetic cause because there is no real change, I have plenty of funds, why don’t I stand for parliament and use my following to gain votes and influence” instead he was too ‘scared’. But really if you think about it, if every person that wants to vote and says it won’t count so doesn’t actually vote, then went and voted, then it would be a more accurate vote and change would actually happen. Personally I don’t care who any of you reading this votes for (as long as it’s not the Greens) just as long as you vote. Like i’ve urged people before, check out all the party’s manifestos and see what they actually stand for in relation to where your views sit. If you see a trending pattern of agreement on any of them then you are most likely aligned with that party. Every body has a part to play in this General Election, for once i’m not banging on about UKIP and why you should vote for them, really have a sit down and think tonight before you go out and cast your votes tomorrow about what changes will most benefit Britain and then which will benefit locally. Remember there are two different votes tomorrow, one for the MP and another for the councilors who actually run the area. Two completely separate things altogether, just quickly research who is standing in your area for both and see what they’re actually trying to achieve. I just want to say one thing to the younger people reading this who haven’t voted before, don’t be drawn in by political point scoring and who sounds better or who looks better, go with the policies in the manifesto. It’s a clear choice when you put it down to that. Just bear in mind that the next big political action that will be hinging on this election is the referendum on leaving the EU. Read into that first before casting your vote. I’m currently reading a book written by an economist, Roger Bootle called ‘The Trouble With Europe’ and already 45 pages in i’m even more against being in the EU than I was before. This issue is something you are going to be asked to vote on in roughly 2 years time, I suggest you do a little digging before accept either side’s argument. All you will hear from the media are the good sides of it and how it ‘benefits’ our nation, yet it’s not always apparent how. As you will have seen if you have read my article ‘The Movement’, there are major things wrong with being in the EU. Don’t get drawn into the rose-tinted glasses mode of the media of everything is alright and doesn’t need changing, even the award winning Liberal economist who wrote the book i’m reading accepts that the EU has to be completely overhauled or it would be more of a benefit to Britain if we leave, and that’s from a Liberal!

I hope you enjoyed my article, but please gloss over my little political jabs at people and other parties and take what i’m saying with sincerity. Make a careful, thought-over choice when you vote tomorrow. You vote DOES matter and DOES count towards the future of OUR country, whomever you may vote for.