Film Review

The film i’ve decided to review is probably the best film out this year so far, Django Unchained. I picked this as my first choice to review as it was probably the easiest due the fact is was so good!! I shall start by pointing out that this is Jamie Foxx’s second best film he has made to date. The first still remains and probably always will remain, Ray. That’s not to take anything away from this performance as it was top class and he really filled the boots and made the character his own, I don’t think I could see many other actors in that role doing it quite as good.

Django : Jamie Foxx
Dr Schultz : Christoph Waltz

The supporting cast is well worth a mention, with Christopher Waltz playing Dr Schultz the German Bounty Hunter to great effect and poise, his character and Django compliment each other well, though an unlikely match up they work well together and like the Doctor says ‘the boy is a natural’. The script is well written and the plot develops at a reasonable pace so that even people that lose interest quickly can be held captivated by what’s going on. Also for the film buff like myself there’s enough to take in and keep an eye on.

The travelling Bounty Hunters
A violent shootout breaks out when the tables have turned

The film also gives a great insight into what it was like back in the slave trade days and the life of a plantation slave, and also that there was a hierarchy within the slaves which is something that I was unaware of until watching this film, you really do learn something new everyday!  This is shown through the loyal head house slave Stephen played by none other than Samuel L Jackson who supports the main protagonist Monsieur Calvin Candie brought to life by Leonardo DiCaprio. This character is depicted as being harsh but fair, he blossoms throughout and grows into the main aggressor and thus ensues the chain of events that lead to the end of the film, in true Tarantino style it goes out with a BANG!!

‘Monsieur’ Calvin Candie : Leonardo DiCaprio

Without trying to give too much away I can only say that this stellar cast really makes you feel a part of the action, there is plenty of action to go round and the only downside I can find with the film is that as you all know Tarantino is a blood and gore kind of director, however if anyone knows anything about guns of that era and what shooting someone with one actually looks like, it’s grossly exaggerated and unrealistic.

Stephen : Samuel L Jackson

This being the only hole I can pick in the movie I shall award a very gracious 4.5/5

Definitely worth a watch and I would recommend this film to anyone that would listen! You will not be disappointed.